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Welcome To The Library

Students are able to select and checkout eBooks by signing in to any browser on any computer from home or school.

Checkout eBooks

➔ Step 1: Log in to
     ◆ Select ‘Nevada’ from the dropdown field.
     ◆ Type ‘Tarkanian’ in the School field. Select the school name when it
     ◆ Click Go!
     ◆ Select Login:
          ● Student user name= Student ID#
          ● Password = Student first name

➔ Step 2: Select your book!


Returning Books
Please return any school library books as soon as possible!

As you enter TMS in the morning, a Library cart and the Librarian will be stationed in the quad to receive any books you have to return to the Tarkanian Library.

You may also return any books you have from other schools. Those books will be sent to your previous school.

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