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Reliable Vetted Resources

World Book Advanced

Best For: Social Studies, English, Science, Math, Art

This encyclopedia is a great place to start any research project about any topic. You probably want to pick theAdvanced button, but feel free to explore the other versions too. 

          Username: ccsd2

          Password: ccsd2

Gale Virtual Reference

Best For: English, Social Studies, Science, Math, Arts

This collection of online encyclopedias covers a wide range of subjects and is easy to search. You can pick the specific encyclopedia set you want to search in or search the whole collection. School computers are automatically logged in for access.

          Username: tms

          Password: tms 

Culture Grams

Best For: Social Studies, Geography, English

This encyclopedia is a great place to start any social studies research project. It has one databse for countries and one for states. It gives you all the information you would ever need about a place, its people, and its culture, including photos and recipes. 

          Username: Nevada

           Password: silver


Best For: Social Studies, English, History, Geography, Government

This superdatabase has tons of resources for when you need in-depth research. Below the search box you can pick All Databases or pick specifically if you're interseted in: American Government, American History, United States Geography, World at War, World Geography, World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras, World History: The Modern Era. You can also click on the buttons on the right if you want to browse and stumble upon something exciting. 

          Username: clarkstudent

          Password: clarkstudent

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