Tech Support

for parents and students

Infinite Campus Portal

  • If you are using the IC Mobile App, you must sign into the website before using the Mobile App

  • If you are asked, select Clark County School District, Nevada.


  • Parent/Guardian accounts are usually created when you registered your student for school.

  • If you need to reset your password or help setting up your account, come to the front office with a Valid ID and we can help you. Or  you may also email, or call the Portal Help Desk at 702-799-PORT (7678), Monday-Friday, 6:00 AM-6:00 PM PST.


  • User Name  is your student number

  • Your password by default is the CAPITALIZED first initial of your first name and last name followed by your birthdate in the MMDDYY format.

(example: Pavel Datsyuk born June 13, 2005. Default Password: PD130605)

Google (GAFE)

  • All students that have an active enrollment at Tarkanian MS have a CCSD Google Apps account.

  • If you do not know your google login, please see one of your teachers.

  • Your password is your AD password when you changed it when first logging into a computer for the first time or anytime after.

Password Note: Your AD (see above) password must be changed from its default in order to use your Google Apps for Education (GAFE) account. You cannot use your default birthday password. It must be changed! Visit a school computer to login and change it when it asks you. OR visit My Account and choose the 2nd option using your YYYYMMDD format for your default password if you havnt changed it yet.

  • If you ever change your AD password in the future, it'll automatically change your GAFE password. But if you change your GAFE password, it will never change your AD password. It only changes one way: AD > GAFE. So we ask for you to not change your GAFE password.

Microsoft Office 365

School Computer Login Active Directory (AD)


  • Your user name is your student number

  • Default password is your birthday in YYYYMMDD format (example: June 13th, 2005 would be 20050613).

  • Your initial login using your default password will prompt you to change it. It must contain upper case, lowercase, a symbol, a number, for minimum total of 8). Suggestion is to use $MonYYYY (example: $Jun2005 as your new password with your Month and year as shown).

  • If you need to change your password and you know your old one you may visit: MyAccount.CCSD.NET

  • If you forgot your password or unable to change it, please inform your teacher for assistance. (Please write it down somewhere safe. The computer admin will inform your teacher if this is a recurring problem).

Google Classroom


You need to sign in to Classroom to join classes and get work from your teacher,

You have 2 ways to join a class:

  • If your teacher gives you a class code, use this code to add yourself to the class.

  • If your teacher sends an invitation, sign in to Classroom and click Join on the class card.

If you deleted, lost, or forgot the class code before joining a class, ask your teacher to resend the code or set a new one.

Note: You only use the class code once to join the class. You are then enrolled in the class and you don't need to re-use the code again.


Once your student has joined a Google Classroom. Parents are then invited to join a notification/mail list. Parents cannot use the Google Classsroom App or website. They are only able to receive e-mails from the teacher via classroom to their email inbox of whatever email was given to the teacher to add. If you would like to have access to see your students assignments, please ask your student to login to the classroom app or website using their credentials. 

Microsoft Software Available To Students and Staff for free to download on personal computers:

Word, Power Point, Excel, OneDrive, Forms, Mail, etc

  • All students that have an active enrollment at Tarkanian MS have a Microsoft Office Online Account available to them.

  • You may install and use up to 5 computers with Microsoft Office software on personal computers at home.

  • User name is your AD user name followed by @AD.CCSD.NET

  • Example: 1234567@AD.CCSD.NET

  • Password is  your AD password

More Tech Subjects Coming Soon.